Welcome to live talks,
“Crossing the brain and mind,”

Many of you may be interested in the “brain” and “mind.” What exactly is the brain?
Like the heart and liver, the brain is an organ in the body with a wide range of roles and functions.
For example, the brain:
can think, calculate, memorize, make decisions, select actions, and control physical movements.
sometimes gets confused, worries, feels pain or joy, and produces the feeling of happiness.
communicates with others, makes impressions and is impressed upon, recalls the past, and imagines the future.
All of these things define the human that is “who I am.”

So how does the brain successfully play these roles at the same time?
What exactly is the brain that controls all these functions?
This has been a quest for humans, and we haven’t reached a clear definition as of yet.

We are still in the midst of research on the brain.
The researchers at RIKEN CBS have only come halfway to achieving their goals in this field.

  • I want to see with my own eyes the hundred billion neurons in the brain sparkling, working on activity and understand what that means.

  • What is the reason that people spend one third of their lifetime sleeping?

  • I want to make a robot that interacts with humans heart-to-heart.

  • Is it possible to expand the brain’s ability and human possibility more than what it is now?

  • Can human ever overcome the diseases that have afflicted our beloved family members, and friends?

  • Why do we have a life-span and death? What is aging?

Using these questions as a starting point, the researchers at CBS are where they are now due to the support, guidance, and encouragement of others, allowing them to continue their research on the brain and mind to this day.

Here at NEURO SQUARE, researchers are here to convey their findings and the passion they achieved through their studies directly to you. They will be happy to have candid feedback from you as well. As we gather various personalities and perspectives together to think, it surely will advance the research on the brain and mind.

NEURO SQUARE will be held in series of events. The researchers’ talks will also be presented on video. We are looking forward to hearing your proactive feedback.

NEURO SQUARE---a place for brains and minds to gather, connect, and think together is open now.

RIKEN Center for Brain Science
Center Director

Ryoichiro Kageyama